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DermLinks: Resources in Distance Education, Dermatology and Telemedicine

Selected Websites:

Community Technology Centers: Exploring a Tool for Rural Community Development.

Though focussed on telecenters in the rural US, this paper provides some anecdotal evidence supporting the theory that telecenters can catalyze community economic development through increased intra- and inter-community communications, as well as enhanced education and training opportunities.

Continuing Medical Education Associates

An ACCME-accredited provider of primary care oriented CME courses and is a nationally recognized leader in progr~un design and development. CMEA is also a leading provider of medical multimedia, developing both interactive CD-ROMs and procedural videotapes.

DermlS - Dermatology Internet Services

Includes a growing collection of dermatology images, case reports, and dermatology lectures. Most information reached via this address is for English speakers; pointers to materials in German are flagged. The dermatology images are part of an ongoing project to develop a distributed hypermedia textbook of dermatology which uses a database as its dynamic source. Sponsored by University of Erlangen School of Medicine, Germany.

Dial (Distance Instruction for Adult Learning)

A web-based distance education site offering asynchronous, interactive courses for adults.

Electronic Commerce Guide

A list of links to other on and offline resources pertaining to electronic commerce. Includes references to books, articles and white papers.,1220,,00.html

Heritage Online

Online courses and resources for K-12 educators.

ILINC (Interactive Learning International Corporation)

This company produces a product called LearnLinc, which supports synchronous web-based "classrooms" where instructors and students can see one another through desktop videoconferencing equipment, and share documents and multimedia presentations.

Index of RxDerm-archives

Internet Dermatology Society (IDS)

Provides information on the following: A global overview of Internet dermatology resources; The Internet Dermatology Society Expert Triage; Access to Dermatology Lectures; Global Dermatology Grand Rounds; Join the Internet Dermatology Society; Primary Care Teaching Resources; Teledermatology Referral Research Form; Photographic Consent Form; Online Abstracts of Dermatology Articles; and Dermatology Mailing Lists. Sponsored by Rhett Drugge, MD.

Interactive Healthcare

A resource for healthcare providers and patients alike; includes online issues of recent Interactive Healthcare Newsletters which features annotated lists of WWW resources in healthcare.

Lucent Technology's Center for Excellence in Distance Learning

Over 20 research articles and guides treating various aspects of distance learning.

MedWeb: Dermatology

Sponsored by Emory University.


Service offering Internet-based collaborative and individual distance learning with a human tutor.

Missouri Telemedicine Connection

This pilot project serving rural communities in Missouri resulted in useful lessons learned, and evaluation guidelines.

National Center for Education Statistics

Statistical Analysis Report: Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions (October 1997).


There are three demonstration modules from this site

Online Courses

These resources are for educators who wish to develop and deliver courses entirely online.

Project SCOPE - Specialized TeleCentres of Professional Education

This corporation seeks to meet basic needs in developing countries through establishing community-based telecenters that use ICT to support distance education, training, and commerce.

Skin Web

As part of the Centre's service, the NSC Skin Web is establish to provide information on medical services available in Singapore for the public and the medical and paramedical personnel. The NSC Skin Web also provide educational materials on common skin diseases. The objective here is to educate the public on the myth and misconceptions about common skin diseases. Sponsored by National Skin Centre, Singapore.

SUCCEED (Southeastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education) Team Distance Learning Demonstration Projects

TEAMS Distance Learning

The largest interactive distance learning provider for the elementary grades in the U.S. coordinates distance learning delivered via PBS, cable or satellite; teacher training; and online resources for K-12 educators.

Telecentres, IT and Rural Development: Bibliography and References Center for Rural Social Research, Charles Sturt University, Australia

University of Florida Continuing Medical Education Learning Modules

United States Distance Learning Association


Web Conferencing Resources and Examples:

E-mail Discussion Groups and Newsgroups


This service circulates discussions of general interest to academic dermatologists.

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Canadian Association for University Continuing Education. This team prefers to limit discussion to university-level distance education.

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This list is for patients, family, friends, researchers and physicians to discuss information pertaining to Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma/Mycosis Fungoides. It includes patient experiences and support as well as information on new research, clinical trials and discussions of current treatment practices.

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Distance Education Online Symposium. A biweekly, international, electronic journal about distance education. DEOS-L is a free international discussion forum about distance education, established to facilitate discussions of the issues presented in DEOSNEWS, as well as other issues of interest to distance educators.

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Educational Technology

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Ataxia e-mail support list. Join over 100 members with an interest in ataxia who share information and provide support on a daily basis via one central email address.

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Experimental and Clinical Contact Dermatitis. This non-moderated, but closed discussion list was established 2/20/97 to encourage information and discussion between scientists active in the field of experimental contact dermatitis.

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Interpersonal Computing and Technology. This list focuses on computer assisted communication.

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A non-moderated discussion list for anyone interested in fundamental keratinocyte research. Intended to stimulate discussion on all subjects (i.e. keratinocyte biology, regulation of growth, differentiation, cultures, etc.), it provides a forum for technical questions.

To subscribe send e-mail to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL


Two LUPUS lists have been established. LUPUS-L is for patients diagnosed with SLE and the public interested information about lupus erythematosus. LUPUS-A is primarily an information source for researchers in the field of SLE. Details on how to subscribe to either LUPUS-L or LUPUS-A can be found at


The melanoma discussion list of the Melanoma Research Foundation.

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This service circulates discussions of general interest to patients with pemphigus vulgaris and related disorders.

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Pseudoxanthoma elasticum mail list. PXE International has established a mailing list on the Internet to provide a place for people interested in PXE to discuss the disorder, its medical implications, advances in research and possible treatments.

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This service circulates discussions of dermatologic therapy to practicing dermatologists.

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Satellite Education List

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The email discussion list of the Mastocytosis Society, Inc.

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VITILIGO is an open, unmoderated discussion list for people connected with vitiligo. This can be any connection at all, from medical practitioners, to friends of patients with vitiligo.

To subscribe send e-mail to LISTSERV@sSJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU

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